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  • Beacon Liquid Thread

    Beacon Liquid Thread


    Permanently bonds fabric with no sewing. Washable and dry-cleanable over and over without ever falling apart. Ideal for applying appliques, creating no-sew quilts, making hems and seams for wearables, home décor and craft projects. Applies foil to fabric in one quick and easy step. Fusible when wet or dry for maximum convenience. As easy to use as ironing; mistake-proof, washes out before ironing. Not recommended for thin, sheer, or delicate fabrics or any fabric that cannot withstand heat. LIQUID THREAD can be washed away anytime before ironing.

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  • Fons & Porter Fabric Glue Stick Refill

    Fons & Porter Fabric Glue Stick Refill


    Fons & Porter Fabric Glue Stick is a water soluble fabric glue marker. The narrow glue marker allows for a more precise application and the Blue air-soluble ink shows where glue has been applied. The color fades as glue dries and any remaining glue washes out of most fabrics. Always test glue on a swatch of fabric first. This glue stick is refillable. Refill Water Soluble 2pc- These narrow sticks are great for precise application.

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  • 505 Temporary Adhesive Spray 3030555

    ODIF 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive – 500ml (17 fl. oz)


    Odif 505 is a temporary, repositionable, fabric adhesive used to temporarily bond fabric. Odorless, colorless, no mist, does not gum sewing needles. Use for machine applique, quilting, basting, holding fabric to stabilizers in machine embroidery and hemming. Acid Free – No CFC’s.

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  • Fabric Adhesive - Temporary

    Perfect Baste – 300 ml


    Temporary Spray Adhesive for Textiles. The web spray pattern means less mess and better coverage. Great for appliqué, quilting , sewing and various paper crafts. Spray on the back of batting, appliqué pieces, paper pieces, patterns, templates and more and place your project in the perfect location for a temporary hold. CFC free, Acid free, transparent.

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  • Roxanne Glue Baste It

    Roxanne Glue-Baste-It


    Roxanne ‘s Glue-Baste-It is 100% water soluble, dries in minutes, and the unique applicator top allows for controlled placement of tiny glue droplets. Does not feel stiff, and does not contain harmful chemicals, dyes, or waxes. It cleans up with water and washes out of fabric with soapy water, even after ironing or sewing. Great for scrapbooking, applique work, quilt binding, chenille strips – use anywhere you would normally use pins. Acid-free, non-toxic and safe for children. Temporary Basting Glue 2oz- Has 2 syringe tips, for accurate placement of glue.

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  • Unique - Hi-Tak Glue

    Unique – Hi-tak Glue – 118ml (4 fl. oz)


    An extra tacky craft adhesive that securely bonds: fabric, ribbon, canvas, paper, cardboard, styrofoam, wood, ceramics & much more. Dries clear and is quick setting.

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  • Unique Fray Stop - 30ml (1oz)

    Unique Fray Stop – 30ml (1oz)


    Colourless plastic solution which reinforces and locks fabric threads to prevent fraying or to prevent further wear after fraying.

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  • Clover Fabric Adhesive Stick

    Clover Fabric Adhesive Stick


    It is perfect for temporarily holding fabric, paper, felt, and interfacing. Fabric adhesive is repositionable. You may lay out the project freely and repeatedly. You can sew the fabrics together, with fabric adhesive applied, without gumming the needles.

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  • ODIF 606 Spray and Fix No-sew Fusible Adhesive Web – 250ml (8.5 fl. oz)

    ODIF 606 Spray and Fix No-sew Fusible Adhesive Web – 250ml (8.5 fl. oz)

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  • BEACON Quick Grip All-Purpose Permanent Glue


    1 oz

    Bonds & repairs plastic, metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramic & more. All-purpose permanent glue Quick grab & dries rapidly, water & weather proof & crystal clear.

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  • E-6000 Adhesive


    2 oz.

    Clear Industrial Strength Adhesive is a unique adhesive formulated to meet high-performance industrial requirements, making it an exceptional adhesive for any craft project.

    Adhesive creates a permanent bond that is not only washer and dryer safe but also flexible and photo safe.

    Permanently bonds wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramic, leather, rubber, vinyl and most plastics

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  • HH 5 Minute Clear Epoxy Cement


    Ultrafast clear epoxy cement. Easy-to-use “plunger” (double syringe) dispenses equal amounts of hardener and resin to be mixed . Sets in 5 minutes; full strength in 12-24 hours. Application temperature of 60-200°F. Great for wood, glass, ceramic, porcelain, marble, metal and most plastics. Safe for foil-back crystals!

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  • Fons & Porter Glue Stick Pen

    Fons & Porter Water Soluble Fabric Glue Stick

    Narrow glue marker allows for a more precise application. Blue air-soluble ink shows where glue has been applied. Color fades as glue dries. Any remaining glue washes out. Soak lace or similar product to completely remove glue if necessary. NOTE – Always test glue on a swatch of fabric to be sure that it can be removed satisfactorily before using on your project.
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